Our Story



Camp Dragonfly has been thriving in south Edmonton since the summer of 2018. With the help of a small group of dedicated volunteers, lots of community support, and camp organizers Briggs & Kiana, Camp Dragonfly has served over 160 families from across Alberta and the Northwest Territories. 

Camp Dragonfly’s mission is to provide trans+, gender-creative, and gender queer kids with opportunities to create, connect and celebrate. We gather twice a year for a weekend of games, crafts, music, drama, art, sports, outdoor activities, and a community meal.

Camp Dragonfly isn’t exactly about being trans+ or gender-creative – even though it is for trans+ and gender-creative kids! It’s about belonging in community and being celebrated for exactly who you are. It’s and a chance to just be a kid in a safe(r) space.

Over the years we’ve had phenomenal queer, trans+ and non-binary leaders and volunteers lead kickboxing, photography, drama, art, cooking, and dance at camp. Alongside them are a number of volunteer camp counsellors who give their time and energy to Camp Dragonfly, and who serve as role models and caring adults for the community.  

Each summer, we eagerly welcome new and old friends to camp. We’re greeted with huge smiles and big hugs as children and parents reconnect with each other and forge new friendships. Camp Dragonfly offers a fun, engaging, and safe(r) summer camp experience for children, opportunities for parents and families to find support, and broad community outreach.


 “The kids always have an amazing time and talk about it with fondness and excitement. Thank you so much for all you do.” 

“The photography of the kids and the professionals was my favourite part. The video and the slides of the pictures were just incredible.”

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