Packing List

We are so excited to have your child(ren) spend a whole weekend outdoors with us this summer! Please refer to this pack list to support your child in having a fun and safe experience with us.

For more information about how to dress for various seasons, this is a great guide. You can also be in touch with us for specific questions.

Children are invited and encouraged to wear whatever will make them feel most like themselves, make them comfortable and keep them safe!

* please leave all electronics (phones, ipads etc) at home.


  • Hat (with brim)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen & bug repellent
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Bathing suit or swim safe clothing
  • Fleece or wool sweater
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Rain boots
  • Sweat or other warm pants
  • 2 pairs of extra socks


  • Medications & epi-pens (labeled)
  • Blanket or sleeping bag for added warmth
  • Umbrella
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks or extra food